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Parshwa & Harshita

Parshwa and Harshita's three-day wedding extravaganza was a vibrant celebration filled with love, laughter, and cultural traditions. The festivities commenced with the joyous Sangeet ceremony, where friends and family came together to showcase their dancing talents and revel in the lively beats of Bollywood music. The air was filled with excitement as the couple's loved ones put on dazzling performances, creating an unforgettable atmosphere of merriment.

The following day, the Haldi ceremony took place, enveloping the couple in an aura of auspiciousness and purity. Haldi was applied to their skin, signifying the purification and blessings for a prosperous married life ahead. Amidst laughter and playful banter, the couple's relatives joyfully participated, making the occasion even more delightful.

Parshwa and Harshita's union marked the beginning of a lifetime of togetherness, and the memories created during this grand celebration will forever hold a special place in their hearts.


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