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Dhruva & Arishthi

We were privileged to capture the beautiful moments of joy and love during the Pooja, Engagement, and Reception ceremonies of Dhruva and Arishthi. It was an extraordinary celebration filled with laughter, emotions, and the coming together of two souls destined for each other.

The Pooja ceremony radiated with spiritual fervor as the couple sought divine blessings for their journey ahead. The serene ambiance and the incense-filled air created an atmosphere of sanctity and devotion.

The Engagement ceremony witnessed the exchange of rings, symbolizing the eternal bond between Dhruva and Arishthi. The air was abuzz with excitement as friends and family showered the couple with their heartfelt wishes and applause.

Finally, the Reception was an extravaganza of joy and celebration. The venue was adorned with exquisite decor, dazzling lights, and lively music that set the mood for an unforgettable night. The couple danced their way into each other's hearts, surrounded by loved ones who reveled in their happiness.

As photographers, we were privileged to capture the essence of these special moments, preserving them forever. The photographs reflect the couple's love, joy, and the bond they share, creating a timeless testament to their beautiful journey together.


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