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Frequently asked questions

What is the scale of your weddings
We shoot a 

What is the strength of the team that will travel to cover my wedding?
What are the number of photographs that will be provided in the package? Also the total number of edited photographs and the format in which they would be provided?
When can we expect the delivery ?
Can TWS prepare a coffee table book or albums of the photographs?
Are there any specific requirements in terms of venue/stage lighting and other aspects of the setup for the best photo and video results? How can we ensure that the photography team has the best resources at hand to create magic?

What are audio bytes and why are these important for the quality of the film?

Who decides the music and film name for the Highlight film?
Is there anything that you require from our end to begin the edit of our films?
Are you ok if we hire additional videographers?

What are your payment terms ?
How much do your films cost?

Do you offer same-day edits?
How long are your films?
What is the difference between the feature film and the mini - series?

We value each wedding and give our absolute best to make sure your most special day is etched forever for you to relive all the emotions all over again. We believe in capturing the little details which creates the sentiment & grandeur of the wedding.

With a passionate & experienced team, having high quality standards and constantly pushing the bar, we commit in the best interest of the client

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